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Identify & Contact your prospects on LinkedIn & Email. Get Leads using multichannel outreach starting from €0 per month. SalesConnect helps you simplify your prospecting efforts and grow your business.

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Why choose SalesConnect?

Every Business needs Automated Prospecting

SalesConnect helps you generate Leads & Grow your business and combine all solutions into one.

  • Get more leads by improving cold outreach conversions. We ensure that every interaction is optimised, driving results and boosting your sales efforts.

  • Work smarter and save time by automating your LinkedIn prospecting tasks. From scraping data to cleaning and verifying email addresses, and setting up cold campaign sequences.

  • Identify Website Visitors: Improve your outreach efforts by identifying prospects who visit your website.
  • Find ideal candidates contact with just a few clicks, simplifying the recruitment process and get a cleaned list of the best talent that suits your need.

  • Initiate targeted InMail campaigns to engage candidates directly on LinkedIn and promote communication.

  • Implement smart follow-ups to stay connected and nurture candidate relationships effectively.

  • Effortless Lead Generation: Boost your lead generation, so your sales team can focus only on closing deals.

  • Precision Targeting: Ensure your team reaches the right prospects with accuracy and verified data.

  • Automated Efficiency: Simplify workflows with automated follow-ups and personalized messages, eliminating laborious manual tasks.
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Smart Automated Sequences

Automate your Outreach & Multiply Response Rates ✨​​​​

Automate your outreach across multiple channels to interact with your prospects, increasing the chances of establishing fruitful connections and partnerships.
Create personalized, multichannel workflows with SalesConnect Automated Sequences. These sequences adapt based on your leads' actions through simple if/else conditions. 
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Email & Phone Finder

Easily Identify your
Prospects on LinkedIn ​​🚀​

By installing the 'Datenly x SalesConnect' extension that is linked with the tool, you can easily find your prospects' contact information and simplify your outreach.
  • Email Verification
  • Automated Efficiency
  • No Technical Skills Required
  • GDPR Compliance
  • CRM Enrichment
  • Real-Time Identification
Generate Leads with SalesConnect

LinkedIn Automation ​💙​


Set your LinkedIn Lead Generation on autopilot mode and double your growth. Easily import contacts, send automatic invitations, and follow-ups to expand your network.

SalesConnect mimics human-like behavior, reaching out to leads based on your preferences. Connect and re-engage leads with ease, combining personalized connections, messages, and InMails with the view and follow steps in your sequence.

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More than 100 000 Email / month

Unlimited Emails
Sent & Verified ​✅​

Connect & Verify an unlimited number of email accounts with SalesConnect, enabling you to send over 100,000 emails per month without damaging your domain's reputation.
The Email Verification feature ensures your email list is verified, guaranteeing that your emails go straight to your prospects' inboxes.
SalesConnect supports all major email providers.
3 Simple Steps

Easy Lead Generation with SalesConnect

Connect with potential leads easily using Automated LinkedIn Sequences and Email outreach. Launch your first campaign, and start generating results within 24 hours!

Create an Account

Start generating leads easily, just sign up, Install Datenly x SalesConnect extension and connect your LinkedIn account.


Start your Campaign

Search for your prospects, Get their contact informations, Connect and Follow-up with them with Inmail and Email via Automated Sequences.


Enjoy your Leads

Improve the reply rate of your prospects and fill out your pipeline with qualified leads. Grow your Business with SalesConnect.

Our Clients

Who can use SalesConnect ?

Whether you're looking to grow your business, hire talent, increase sales, improve marketing outreach, or manage client connections, SalesConnect is designed to simplify  efforts across various roles.

Voices of Success: Client Stories

Explore the Impact of SalesConnect Through Inspiring Testimonials. We help businesses grow, connect, and succeed.

"SalesConnect Interface is clear, organized and versatile ! It makes it easy to execute a variety of actions. They provide exceptional support that responds promptly and provides clear solutions. Love it!"

Charles Da.

Business Developer

"SalesConnect is now my bestfriend! even tho at first I was a bit skeptical...But with the help of the support team I understood all the features I needed. Highly recommend it for sales team."

Zoe Mitchell

Sales Manager

"SalesConnect has become an integral part of our marketing strategy. It's like having another team member without the added expense! It has saved us at least 20 hours per week by automating the entire outreach process. "

Alex Mercer

Marketing Director

"As a freelance product designer, finding effective ways to grow my network and business is necessary especially on LinkedIn. SalesConnect improved completely my prospecting process, saving me valuable time. Really Amazing "

Caitlyn Mert


"SalesConnect LinkedIn automation not only expedites lead generation but also simplifies the initial steps in engaging potential candidates for talent acquisition specialists & recruiters. It saved me time and effort in the recruitment process."

Sarah Miller

Talent Acquisition Specialist

"As the CEO, my time is precious, and SalesConnect has become an essential part of our growth strategy. It helps us automates key steps in prospect engagement, so I highly recommend it to fellow startup owners and CEOs looking to make their outreach efforts more effective."

Ryan Lawson

CEO and Founder

Our Support team is Here for You!

Our support team offers personalized, one-on-one demos to showcase how SalesConnect specifically meet your needs. 

Frequently asked questions

SalesConnect can automate various actions on LinkedIn, including sending connection requests and messages, sending Open Inmail messages, skill endorsements, liking posts, following profiles or company pages and more!
Absolutely, SalesConnect provides the flexibility to create campaigns tailored for cold email outreach. You can either creact personalized text or use the drag-and-drop templates. It's optimised to combine LinkedIn and cold email prospecting.
Yes, you have the capability to import your own lead list into SalesConnect and apply sequences or cold email campaigns to it. This feature provides flexibility in managing and reaching out to your specific prospects.

Absolutely! Many agencies use SalesConnect on their clients' LinkedIn accounts, and we prioritise confidentiality. Contact our support team at [email protected] for more details.

While having a premium LinkedIn profile is recommended, it's not mandatory. With SalesConnect, LinkedIn automation works seamlessly with both free and premium LinkedIn accounts.

By reaching out to your prospects on different channels, you triple your chances of getting a response. It's a powerful strategy to improve your outreach efforts and engagement.

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